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I set out to do more merduck/Mermay content and you know, it didn’t start out like a sequel to my last one, but that’s certainly how it wound up.

Some more RP-related Huey and Irving cuteness because I was in a fluffy mood

100% of the reason I colored this was so I could do the beak blushing that we were recently gifted IT’S SO CUTE I couldn’t resist.  But hey, bonus color scheme for Irving, right?

Okay I have nothing to say, but does it really need a description? ;P

So, on another RP site one of the characters I play is Huey, and as of late I and one of my partners have been toying with the idea of Huey coming to terms with having a crush on another Woodchuck who, as it turns out, returns those affections.

So this is Irving Teal (or Teale, I haven’t decided which way to spell it), a Woodchuck who lives on the other side of Duckburg (and who is Huey’s age despite being taller look I like shortie ducks okay). We’ve only written some basic info yet, for the rest to be developed once he actually appears, but as described by Huey to someone else he’s relaxed, intelligent, and plays the piano in the same JW orchestra Huey’s in (as well as a jazzy harmonica on his own time). This is only a concept piece for Irving so his design may change some, but I definitely do like the wild mallard look, as compared to Huey’s Pekin-ese ba-dum tssh

You can probably look forward to more in the future, as this plotline continues to develop~

If there’s one advantage to having a merduck form, it’s that it makes undersea exploration a lot easier cheaper.

You know, I think this may be my favorite of the MerScrooge (1 | 2) pics I’ve drawn so far.  Even if I did bork the treasure chest but eh, you get the idea >.>

I haven’t drawn a good soft duck in a while, so I did.

I haven’t drawn anything since the beginning of the month and that was FAR too long so have a return of MerScrooge from (Mer)May, because I was thinking about it again earlier.

This was part of an art meme fill I did a while back, and just never got around to putting on Tumblr. Although something like The Emperor might also fit him, in the end I went for King of Pentacles. There’s some tiny details and minor things I’d fix (like a grander background) but as-is it took almost four hours, soooo I’m just gonna let it be. XD

-The template came from here
-The tarot title came from here
-Overall pose and appearance referenced from this cover
-The Dime’s pedestal referenced from this cover
-The flowers are thistles, the national flower of Scotland
-Imagery explanation, from the card’s description: “In his right hand, he holds the sceptre of his power and in his left he holds a golden coin, symbolic of his material influence. Behind him is his castle, a symbol of all he has built through his efforts and determination.”  And on that note a redone background might change which Money Bin it is, but I went with that one for visibility’s sake.

An Inktober fill, using a prompt list I’m getting from Instagram. This one was “Tango” which clearly means a friendly sparring match between Scrooges right?  Right >_>