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1973 Jerome Podwil cover art to The Weathermakers by Ben Bova

Dean Ellis, 1971

1966 cover art by Irv Docktor, for ‘The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress,’ by Robert A. Heinlein

A classic Richard Powers cover used for The Saturday Evening Post Reader of Fantasy & Science Fiction – January, 1964.

“The composition bears two major hallmarks of Powers’ work: The near-afterthought-like presence of a human figure visible only in silhouette, and a variety of curved, ovoid, elongated objects rising vertically, or floating in the background.” ~Words Envisioned

Bob Pepper, 1970

Richard Powers’s 1965 cover art to After Doomsday, by Poul Anderson


Overlay by Barry N. Malzberg, 1972
Cover Illustration by Ron Walotsky

Richard Powers

Bob Haberfield, ‘The Runestaff,’ 1969

Richard Powers, 1968.