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He did an issue or two I think of suicide squad. Also a whole arc of Aquaman

yea he gets work sporadically, and that might just be a personal thing that he doesn’t want more work, or that he seems to only gravitate to Harley Quinn stuff mostly, but someone of his level should be all over, if someone like Kudranski could, I assume, lie his way onto Action Comics Sejic should have had Harleen ages ago

As of right now, has there been any explanation on how Thomas Wayne survived the flashpoint universe?

uhh no? why would there be? like why would you expect Tom King to explain a major plot point that’s central to his story?

Is that Superman comic Tom King’s writing any good?

hmm I don’t know, it’s kinda whatever, like this recent issue I thought was pretty boring, like 90% of it was just some alien learning to stand up for himself and Superman in a coma or something, it just doesn’t seem that interesting

I’m so confused. Why is Thomas Wayne helping Bane? Doesn’t he want to see Burce and the family he’s made? Has he even met Damian yet?

it’s probably one of my favorite aspects of King’s Batman, Bane and Thomas have had the exact same entire issue long conversation 3 times about him wanting to help Bane but it has not been addressed or even commented on why Thomas is helping him or even in the same universe haha

Savage Avengers looks good.

yea it seems pretty interesting, kinda a crazy line up, I’m not a big fan of Mike Deodato Jr. tho, I think his stuff is too muddy and his posing too stiff and his paneling is a nightmare (Original Sin is borderline unreadable to me tbh) but he seems to have calmed to with that tho

At this point, is there anything in the last two issues that could fix HiC?

honestly no not really, I think they’ve just left it too late, no matter what they do in the last 2 issues it’s either not going to be enough or feel too rushed, there’s just too much left to explain and not enough time to do it satisfyingly