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I set out to do more merduck/Mermay content an…

I set out to do more merduck/Mermay content and you know, it didn’t start out like a sequel to my last one, but that’s certainly how it wound up.



Something Don Rosa inspired.



some duckies wrapped in blankets all snug like


Okay I have nothing to say, but does it really need a description? ;P

It’s a hard knock life: Scrooge’s experience d…

It’s a hard knock life: Scrooge’s experience during The Guardians of the Lost Library.

Bonus: G’on, pssht, scat!



Hortense McDuck, the Spicy Glaswegian Feminist



replied to your photoset “Local Old Man Wears Self Out”

Makes me wonder just how often Duckworth found him passed out in the hallway or halfway down the stairs before the kids moved in to keep an eye on him.

Honestly? Probably pretty often. Which just makes me think of a moment from an episode I’d included in that photoset, but not this specific bit.  Scrooge has worn himself OUT chasing his money halfway across Duckburg to keep it from the Beagle Boys. At the end of things he literally passes out dead asleep, and what to the boys do?

They give him a pillow and let him be.  Bestill my DuckFeelsy heart.

(For the curious this is part one of the Catch As Cash Can 4-parter serial, the episode “A Drain on the Economy”)

So I’ve no doubt they tend to him at times when he just passes out from work or whatever else, even if it’s just putting a little blanket over him and making sure the rest of the area stays quiet.  (Honestly, “spreading throw blanket over sleeping person” is one of my favorite cute things to, so I extra want this)



Holiday in Duckburg by Carl Barks

I feel like I'm the only one who feels th…

I feel like I'm the only one who feels that Rosa forced his Scrooge/Goldie ship upon the world, he headcanoned that Goldie has feelings for Scrooge and he made sure he'd spread his headcanon around. Bark's Goldie was terrified of him when she heard his name she clearly has no good memories and feelings toward her kidnapper….

Mm, I’m not sure I totally agree with you there. I mean I agree that there’s vexed issues surrounding Barks antiquated notions of romance and women, but I think he intended to imply that there was still some underlying attraction between Scrooge and Goldie. 

To explain:


I read Goldie’s reaction here as shock at hearing a name she’d never thought she’d hear again, and the terror of realizing that only Scrooge McDuck would be stingy enough to try and collect a billion dollar debt from a starving old woman. 

However, when she hears he’s coming to see her, she rushes the boys out of her cottage so she can change into her old ball gown. She doesn’t want Scrooge to see her in her current rags even if there’s a chance it might spark some pity in him. 


And, when they do see each other, they both initially act bashful and exchange compliments. 

Don Rosa definitely took this kernel, expanded it, and adapted it into his own canon. So you are absolutely correct in your assessment that Rosa instilled his own headcanon into his work. Kind of like how I interpret Scrooge and Donald’s relationship in an entirely different light than any of the comics or TV shows do. I believe in the concept of the death of the author which posit that the author’s intentions and views towards their own work aren’t more or less valid than the reader’s interpretations! We all bring our own idiosyncratic experiences and perceptions to a text that informs how we read a text. (Which is what makes literary criticism so fun in my opinion.)

However, that’s just my reading of the text! You’re free to disagree with it, and you’re definitely entitled to your own opinion. I thought I’d explain my own understanding in response to your ask.