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Subtle. (x)


getting ready for a round of fisticuffs

my brain’s a little all over the place, I got enchanted by them being a bit of an adventuring duo

You know what sequence from the movie hurts a lot to freezeframe through?

This one.


Scrooge taking a little break from work to be with his favourite witch. He will need to go back for his hat no way he could afford to buy a new one…

Something for @monkey-li who wanted me to draw Scrooge and Magica on the broom together. <3

I set out to do more merduck/Mermay content and you know, it didn’t start out like a sequel to my last one, but that’s certainly how it wound up.


Something Don Rosa inspired.


some duckies wrapped in blankets all snug like

Okay I have nothing to say, but does it really need a description? ;P

It’s a hard knock life: Scrooge’s experience during The Guardians of the Lost Library.

Bonus: G’on, pssht, scat!