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70sscifiart: “In 1978, Rodney Matthews publish…


“In 1978, Rodney Matthews published Yendor: The Journey of a Junior Adventurer, a hard-back picture book featuring his distinctive paintings of “The Wild Country”, a fantasy world seen through the eyes of young Yendor, named after his son (Yendor is, of course, Rodney backwards). These paintings were accompanied by irreverent and light-hearted text written by Graham Smith, forming an episodic story about Yendor’s journey. Despite not featuring any coherent plot structure, this whimsical book achieved cult status amongst fanatics of fantastic art due to Matthew’s striking and surreal paintings.“

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theartofanimation: Moebius



retroscifiart:Art by Michael Böhme Space 🍄


Art by Michael Böhme
Space 🍄

A selection of fictional star systems, depicte…

A selection of fictional star systems, depicted by Josef Dienst for the 1980 Perry Rhodan Space Atlas

Japanese King Kong posters, with art by John B…

Japanese King Kong posters, with art by John Berkey

Tim White

Tim White

stonedastronomer:  "A hurricane has rage…


 "A hurricane has raged across the equatorial area of Mesklin wreaking immense damage to life and land, and reaching deep into the sea itself. This huge deep-ocean creature has been cast onto a sandy beach, dead and rotting. An earthman, wearing the heavy, life-supporting suit that enables him to walk despite the 6 times normal gravity, tries to dig a sample of the creature for analysis, but he has no instrument strong enough to tear into the ‘teak-wood’ like tissue of the monster. The tiny Mesklinites, a group of traders, gather round to watch, and solve the problem themselves’ their forward pincers are able to cut tungsten steel, and they snip off pieces of the creature with ease, eating more than they give to the earthman.“ – Mission of Gravity by Hal Clement.

Illustrations by Tony Roberts.

The art of Wanda Riske

The art of Wanda Riske

omnimic: Analog magazine covers from the first…


Analog magazine covers from the first half of 1976 including the serialization of Children Of Dune.

Credited artists: January – John Schoenherr; February – Rick Sternbach; March – Vincent DiFate; April – Mike Hinge; May – Frank Kelly Freas; June – Jack Gaughan

Andrei Sokolov, from a set of 1963 postcard…

Andrei Sokolov, from a set of


postcards called “The Space Fantasy” (Kosmitcheskaya phantasya)