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The X-Men #57, June 1969,
Pencils: Neal Adams


‘…Rears Its Ugly Green Head,’ by Mike Hinge and Neal Adams. A psychedelic 70s comic from Heavy Metal magazine that’s mostly impressive for the visuals, though the story takes a turn in the final couple pages. It’s worth a read.

Found on this blog, brought to my attention by the same blogger’s tumblr post. Thanks, Highway 62!

Justice For All Includes Children!

Superman PSA’s running in DC Comics from 1976-1977

Armor #1, September 1985,
Pencils: Neal Adams

The Witching Hour #14, May 1971, Layout: Carmine Infantino, Pencils/Inks Neal Adams

Detective Comics #416, October 1971,
Pencils:Neal Adams

All-Star Western #3, January 1971,
Pencils: Neal Adams