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Mike Hinge

1979 wraparound cover art by Mike Hinge for Masters of Everon by Gordon R. Dickson

Cover art by Mike Hinge


Mike Hinge, Untitled, 1967. Marker pen on white card. Via onyxcube

Classic Mike Hinge art, used on the cover of the March 1973 issue of ‘Amazing Science Fiction’

Mike Hinge

Mike Hinge, 1975


‘…Rears Its Ugly Green Head,’ by Mike Hinge and Neal Adams. A psychedelic 70s comic from Heavy Metal magazine that’s mostly impressive for the visuals, though the story takes a turn in the final couple pages. It’s worth a read.

Found on this blog, brought to my attention by the same blogger’s tumblr post. Thanks, Highway 62!

Mike Hinge

Two Analog covers by Mike Hinge