Category: Marvel Comics

Map of the Nine Realms

Thor: God of Thunder #13 – “The Great Niffleheim Escape” or “The Svartalfheim Massacre” (2013)
written by Jason Aaron
art by Ron Garney & Ive Svorcina

Champions v3 #4 - “No Choice” (2019)
pencil & ink by Steven Cummings
color by Marcio Menyz

Domino: Hotshots #4 - “Cold War IV” (2019)
pencil by David Baldeon & Michael Shelfer
ink by David Baldeon, Michael Shelfer, & Craig Yeung
color by Jim Charalampidis

Black Order #4 (2019)
pencil by Philip Tan
ink by Marc Deering, Scott Hanna, Guillermo Ortego, & Le Beau Underwood
color by Jay David Ramos

Dead Man Logan #8 - “Welcome Back, Logan II” (2019)
pencil & ink by Mike Henderson
color by Nolan Woodard

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow – Official Teaser Trailer

Immortal Hulk #15 - “The Holy or the Broken” (2019)
pencil by Joe Bennett
art by Ruy Jose
color by Paul Mounts

Guardians of the Galaxy v5 #6 - “The Final Gauntlet VI” (2019)
pencil & ink Geoff Shaw
color by David Curiel

Black Panther v7 #12 - “The Gathering of My Name” (2019)
pencil by Jen Bartel & Kris Anka
ink by Jen Bartel
color by Triona Tree Farrell

Guardians of the Galaxy v5 #3 - “The Final Gauntlet III” (2019)
pencil & ink Geoff Shaw
color by Marte Gracia