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Captain Marvel #34, September 1974,
Pencils: Jim Starlin

History of the Marvel Universe #4 (2019)

written by Mark Waid
art by Javier Rodriguez & Alvaro Lopez

Captain Marvel #28, September 1973,
Pencils: Jim Starlin, Inks: Pablo Marcos

Marvel Team-Up #4 (2019)

written by Clint McElroy
art by Ig Guara & Felipe Sobreiro

Captain Marvel #43, March 1976,
Pencils: Al Milgrom, Inks: Bernie Wrightson

Captain Marvel #43, March 1976,
Pencils: Al Milgrom, Inks: Bernie Wrightson

Comics featuring characters appearing in or inspiring those in the new Captain Marvel movie.

how do you feel about the captain marvel vs captain marvel/shazam thing because frankly i find it hilarious

tbh I always think it’s funny when people say Marvel copied DC bc it’s actually a lot dumber than people think

basically Captain Marvel (Billy) was originally from Fawcett and at this time DC was suing everyone they thought was copying superman (like master man and wonder man (not that one)) and they sued Fawcett saying Billy was a copy of Superman (despite copying elements of Captain Marvel after seeing how popular it was ie flying, lex luthor, being superboy, etc WHILE suing them for copying Superman) so basically DC takes Fawcett to court and has this huge document with a bunch of panels (which I always think is funny in court cases) showing Superman and Captain Marvel doing the same things and then Fawcett was like well Popeye did it too and they show a bunch of Popeye panels and then TWIST turns out DC didn’t like copywrite superman when it was a newspaper strip so the judge finds in Fawcetts favor

then later DC goes back to court and convinced the judge that while Captain Marvel himself wasn’t a copy his like stories where so it had to go back down to the lower courts but Fawcett was like fine we’ll just stop doing it but then DC was like “throw in $400,000 because we’re dirt bags” and this basically killed Fawcett (there where other factors but this was a big one) (side note this is also where Marvelman comes from, one of the side publishers like reworked their stuff into him instead of folding their company and there was another lawsuit about this later but that’s a different story) 

so Captain Marvel goes out of print and the coprywrite lapses and Marvel is just like “oh I’ll have that then” (also another company, MF, also did a Captain Marvel but Marvel like paid them to stop and they where like fine) and that Captain Marvel (Mar-vell) was really popular and then when DC bought all of Fawcetts characters in the like 1970′s they where like we really stepped on our own balls here huh? so he was still named Captain Marvel technically but the comics could only be called Shazam! but in New 52 his name is like officially changed to Shazam but it’s still the the Marvel family which is weird and they actually reprinted the old Captain Marvel comics they literally sued over (but they had to pay like a fee to print them so they didn’t do too many)

truly it is just a circle of stupidity largely of DC’s own making and Marvel just saw an opportunity and took it haha

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