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And check out my Instagram, if you’re not into newsletters. It’s got a lot of my best art from Tumblr, like this uncredited piece that’s probably by Ray Feibush, a journeyman UK 70s cover artist fond of quasi-surrealism and skull motifs.

A 1978 image from famed space artist Chesley Bonestell, illustrating a molten, prehistoric Earth.

1975 Eddie Jones cover art for ‘We Can Build You,’ by Philip K. Dick

Tim White

Frank Frazetta

Classic Mike Hinge art, used on the cover of the March 1973 issue of ‘Amazing Science Fiction’

Here’s an old favorite of mine: 1974 cover art by Dean Ellis for Ben Bova’s ‘As on a Darkling Plain.’ For my money, Ellis was the most underrated 70s sci-fi cover artist: He uses clean, intricate detail combined with simple light and shading – perfect for a 7 inch high paperback cover.

Paul Kirchner

Uncredited artist

John Berkey