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Deposit Coin.

Modern Inventions (1937)

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Practicing lighting, new brush settings, and beak anatomy/facial expressions! Thanks for being my model Don 😛

I just want y’all to know there was a time whe…

I just want y’all to know there was a time where Donald cold-cocked his uncle because Scrooge kidnapped them for a dangerous adventure without telling them it was him.

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Hey so, I’m like super weak to de-aging stories, so obviously the one where they de-age Scrooge to be about 30 again makes me weak in so many ways. X

Poor thing is so confused! Also, Klondike Scrooge doesn’t want the cure, because he now has everything he ever wanted. Which is all that money. Expect, well, you already know where this is going to go.

Yeah, he fails in every single trade he makes as the new CEO of the largest international company in the world (Surprise!!)

Also, this. You knew it was going to happen. You all knew. So obviously he takes the cure, and returns back to the old miser we all know and love.



I need this story like, yesterday oh my god LOOK AT HIM



Fisher-Price Donald Duck Xylophone Pull Toy, 1938



Golden Christmas Tree (1975), by Carl Barks. Based on his 1948 story.

(NOTE: I believe this video is region-locked s…

(NOTE: I believe this video is region-locked so here’s the same song on my Google Drive for out-of-USA listening! If that link doesn’t work just lemme know and I’ll update it)

Back in 1993 Disney had a Christmas special featuring walkaround characters from the parks. This is the title song for the special and it’s CUTE AS HELL, featuring several Ducks.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, friends!  And if you don’t celebrate a holiday, well wishes for a good year’s end all the same ♥♥

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sorry to longpost but i asked myself “how many Depressed Donalds can i think of off the top of my head” and it turns out it’s a lot

the duck who never was
the magnificent seven (minus four) caballeros
zio paperone e il tuffo contaminante
paperino e il natale speziale
a crushing cruise
paperino e il casco respingente
it’s a wonderful life
angel love

Artwork by  @hinako_816


Artwork by  @hinako_816

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huey is my favourite child from hell