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Wonder Woman 1984 – Official Trailer

Wonder Woman 84 (2020)

Boston Sector info page

Deathstroke: Justice league (2017)

Birds of Prey (2020)

Justice League Odyssey #7 - “Death of the Dark” (2019)
pencil & ink by Will Conrad
color by Rain Beredo

Freedom Fighters v3 #5 - “Old Glory” (2019)
pencil by Eddy Barrows
ink by Eber Ferreira
color by Adriano Lucas

Dial H for Hero #1 - “The Hero Within” (2019)
art by Joe Quinones

Electric Warriors #5 - “Desperation Play” (2019)
pencil by Travel Foreman & Javi Fernandez
ink by Travel Foreman, Javi Fernandez, & Richard Friend
color by Hi-Fi Design

Damage v2 #15 - “The Mother of All Monsters” (2019)
pencil & Aaron Lopresti
ink by Matt Ryan
color by Hi-Fi