Category: comcis

Jezebel Jade #2, November 1988,
Pencils: Adam Kubert

Thor: God of Thunder #16 – “I, Thor… Condemn thee to Die” (2014)

written by Jason Aaron
art by Ron Garney, Emanuela Lupacchino, & Ive Svorcina

Female Furies #3 - “Nevertheless, She Persisted” (2019)
pencil & ink by Adriana Melo
color by Hi-Fi Design

Captain Marvel v10 #5 - “Re-Entry” (2019)
pencil & ink by Carmen Carnero
color by Tamra Bonvillain

Rachel Rising #30, December 2014,
Pencils: Terry Moore

Groo The Wanderer #25, March 1987,
Pencils: Sergio Aragonés

Mike Grell on Superboy And The Legion Of Super-Heroes

Captain Carrot And His Amazing Zoo-Crew #19, September 1983,
Pencils: Rick Hoberg

The Flash v5 #57 - “The Last Embers” (2018)
pencil & ink by Scott Kolins
color by Luis Guerrero

Venom: First Host #5 (2018)
pencil by Mark Bagley & Paco Diaz
ink by Andrew Hennessy & Paco Diaz
ink by Dono Sanchez-Almara