Category: 1981


Illustration for Ray Bradbury’s ‘Silver Locusts’ by Keith Page, 1981

Uncredited 1981 cover to The Reign of Wizardry, by Jack Williamson


‘Warped Ring Theory’ by David Egge, 1981

Rick Sternbach cover art for ‘Space Doctor,’ by G. Harry Stine, 1981

Jean Michel Nicollet

Celestino Piatti’s cover for the 1981 German edition of Stanislaw Lem’s Eden

Don Ivan Punchatz, “Earth Dreams”

Lisa Falkenstern’s cover art for the 1st edition of James E. Gunn’s ‘The Dreamers,’ 1981

1981 Don Maitz cover art for ‘Die Riesen vom Ganymed,’ by James P. Hogan

Franco Storchi, 1981