Category: 1968

Gray Morrow’s 1968 cover art for The Tomorrow People, by Judith Merril

One man becomes obsessed with a gyroscopic top in this series of 1968 illustrations by artist Karel Thole

1968 Jeffrey Catherine Jones cover art for ‘The Jewels of Aptor’ by Samuel R. Delany

Cover art by Paul Lehr

1968 Jack Gaughan cover art to ‘Skylark Three’ by E.E. “Doc” Smith


International Science Fiction, June 1968.  Cover art by Jack Gaughan.

Uncredited 1968 cover art to Beyond the Barrior of Space, by Pel Torro

Cover art by Douglas Chaffee

1968 cover art to The Mind Parasites, by Colin Wilson. The artist isn’t credited, but it sure looks like a Dean Ellis work.

Klaus Bürgle, 1968