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It’s a hard knock life: Scrooge’s experience d…

It’s a hard knock life: Scrooge’s experience during The Guardians of the Lost Library.

Bonus: G’on, pssht, scat!



I appreciate seeing your blog on my dash, too @down-in-duckburg

I’m pretty sure I followed your blog before I even made my own!

galoots: Donald with his Kangaroo baby from Da…


Donald with his Kangaroo baby from Daddy Duck



Hortense McDuck, the Spicy Glaswegian Feminist





i made it!! happy birthday/anniversary to my favorite duck fenton 😀

(edit: fixed the numbers :P)

He’s so cute!!


replied to your photo “adventurelandia: Holiday in Duckburg by Carl Barks”

Wait, is that supposed to be Glomgold? Next to Magica? That looks like Rockerduck to me, there’s no beard.

Yep, Glomgold!  To my knowledge Barks used Rockerduck only once, and never (or almost never) in the paintings and drawings he did throughout the rest of his life.  The style of that particular picture and the angle he’s positioned makes it a little difficult to tell, especially regarding his beard, but if you look at Glomgold in the comics-

-it’s easier to see that it is indeed him~


replied to your photoset “Local Old Man Wears Self Out”

Makes me wonder just how often Duckworth found him passed out in the hallway or halfway down the stairs before the kids moved in to keep an eye on him.

Honestly? Probably pretty often. Which just makes me think of a moment from an episode I’d included in that photoset, but not this specific bit.  Scrooge has worn himself OUT chasing his money halfway across Duckburg to keep it from the Beagle Boys. At the end of things he literally passes out dead asleep, and what to the boys do?

They give him a pillow and let him be.  Bestill my DuckFeelsy heart.

(For the curious this is part one of the Catch As Cash Can 4-parter serial, the episode “A Drain on the Economy”)

So I’ve no doubt they tend to him at times when he just passes out from work or whatever else, even if it’s just putting a little blanket over him and making sure the rest of the area stays quiet.  (Honestly, “spreading throw blanket over sleeping person” is one of my favorite cute things to, so I extra want this)


replied to your photo “If there’s one advantage to having a merduck form, it’s that it makes…”

Oooh the dorsal fin thing is brilliant. And I would read a fic with this :>

I am, admittedly, fond of the dorsal fin thing.  And I hope to write it! It’s about time I used my AO3 account for something, right?  It’s just been a while since I wrote something in straight canon (mostly it’s crossovers or RP-related stuff), but I also really wanna do this. So, we’ll see!



Holiday in Duckburg by Carl Barks