Author: Comics and nothin' but

Female Furies #5 - “We Can Do It” (2019)
pencil & ink by Adriana Melo
color by Hi-Fi Design

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man v2 #7 - “Feast or Famine” (2019)
pencil & ink by Ken Lashley
color by Nolan Woodard

Harley Quinn v3 #61 - “Role Player” (2019)
art by Otto Schmidt

Harley Quinn v3 #61 - “Role Player” (2019)
art by Otto Schmidt

DCeased #1 (2019)
pencil by Trevor Hairsine & James Harren
ink by Stefano Gaudino & James Harren
color by Rain Beredo

Dial H for Hero #4 - “Detroit City Blues” (2019)
pencil by Joe Quinones
ink by Joe Quinones & Tom Fowler
color by Jordan Gibson

Deadpool v7 #10 (2019)
pencil & ink by Scott Hepburn
color by Ian Herring

Black Panther v7 #12 - “The Gathering of My Name” (2019)
pencil by Jen Bartel & Kris Anka
ink by Jen Bartel
color by Triona Tree Farrell

Batman v3 #67 - “All the Way Down” (2019)
pencil & ink by Lee Weeks & Jorge Fornes
color by Lovern Kindzierski

Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1 (2019)
pencil by Gerardo Sandoval
ink by Victor Nava
color by Antonio Fabela