Author: Bold New Di$¢overie$!


Sometimes when I want to tear my heart into a thousand pieces and lie awake forever I read Hearts of the Yukon before bed


the duck family members riding in kangaroo pockets like the sweet babies they are

Miss me?

I don’t know, maybe if I knew who was asking.

"Ha ha! If it isn't the grimy worker who swindled my Rockerduck nugget. Well, I'm not sure if I should tell you where my bigger one is…" – John D. Rockerduck (@john-d-rockerduck)

Scrooge couldn’t believe his eyes.  What was Rockerduck doing in modern-day Duckburg.  “John D. Rockerduck!  How the blazes are you still alive?!  Wait, don’t tell me you got stuck in a timeless demon dimension too, or found a fountain of youth, or somehow cursed with immortality?  In any event, curse the doggoned luck,” he said with a sneer.

💸- If you had a billion dollars and could only spend it, what would you buy first?

((Probably every Uncle Scrooge issue ever published, and then some Carl Barks Scrooge paintings.))

⌛️- Last thing you did before logging in?

((Packed for a trip.))


Look how smug Scrooge looks showing off his money

⭕️- Favorite Pokemon?

((Idk, never watched it))


An extremely rare coin showing a Roman emperor who only reigned for two months has been discovered by archaeologists working on the upgrade of the A14 between Huntingdon and Cambridge.

The “radiate” coin depicting Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus is only the second to be found and is named after the radiate crown the emperor is wearing.

The find is important because Laelianus, who was killed in the siege of Mainz, ruled a breakaway empire from Rome for only a short spell in the third century and there is little evidence of his reign.

Archaeologists believe the coin only arrived in Britain after the emperor’s demise. Read more.


🎂- When’s your birthday?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦- What’s your family like?

🐶- Favorite animal?

🔶- Favorite color(s)?

🎥- Favorite movie?

📺- Favorite TV show?

🎞- Favorite cartoon/anime?

🍔- Favorite food?

🍦- Favorite ice cream flavor?

🍭- Favorite candy?

🍸- Do you drink?

👣- What do you like to do in your spare time?

⚽️- Do you like any sports?

🎮- Favorite video game(s)?

⛪️- Are you religious?

⌛️- Last thing you did before logging in?

🎈- Share a childhood memory!

🛍- What was the last purchase you made for?

💸- If you had a billion dollars and could only spend it, what would you buy first?

🖌- Are you artsy?

❤️- How would you describe yourself?

💛- How do other people describe you?

⭕️- Favorite Pokemon?

💠- what is the Most expensive thing you own?

⚜- What is the most precious thing you own?

🐻- Do you have any stuffed animals?

🐝- Favorite season?

🐋- share a Weird/funny story?