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Because of the ending to Jaw$, is Glomgold now…

Because of the ending to Jaw$, is Glomgold now the richest duck in the world?

No. Absolutely not. Possibly never?



Dan and Phil Play: The Sims 4   {Sentence Starters}

  • “Did she die?”
  • “I like nice things.”
  • “We are his gods.”
  • “Boring, just like we are.”
  • “What planet are you on?”
  • “I’m not ready for rejection.”
  • “We’ll save so much on rent!”
  • “We’re running out of money!”
  • “Yes, YES, collect the friends!”
  • “It’s just the house of mistakes.”
  • “They’re ditching us as a group?”
  • “Oh, my god! How exciting! Why?”
  • “Is this when normal people sleep?”
  • “We’ll spend all day looking at hats!”
  • “There’s a freckle! I’ve got a freckle!”
  • “Blah, blah, blah, I get it… you’re tired.”
  • “I would make so many babies in that.”
  • “Are you serious? Look how sad he is!”
  • “We bought a porcelain pig, apparently.”
  • “I just clicked and now he’s really angry!”
  • “That was weird, let’s not do that, again.”
  • “Oh, my god! Escape, escape,  e s c a p e !”
  • “Is clumsy and knives a good combination?”
  • “A life without cheese is not a life worth living.”
  • “This is a whole new experience for you, then.”
  • “I thought we should just start with one person.”
  • “Sorry, I’m just really enthusiastic about carpet.”
  • “But, I’m happy with what we’ve ended up with.”
  • “Yeah, we don’t want to repeat the oven incident.”
  • “We’ve got great tree diversity in our freak house.”
  • “So, all we know about him, now, is he likes squids.”
  • “Is that a llama hedge? Forget the love story, I want that in my house, now!”
  • “I don’t think clumsy plus flaming evil villain headquarters is the best thing…”
  • “Is this what it’s like, having a child? Just permanently afraid they’re going to die in stupid ways?”

I enjoy role-playing with you because: 1. You …

I enjoy role-playing with you because: 1. You are friendly 2. You portray your character excellently 3. You are an overall amazing person!

((😊 Aww, you’re sweet! And to all of the above I say in a Peewee Herman voice, “I know you are but what am I?”))

Please come to my ask and tell me a reason you…

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Reblog if it’s ok for people to give you $599….






Please don’t hesitate

1 penny below reporting limit for the IRS… I see what you did there

(Don’t give me $599.99)

That’s not the right IRS rule.

$599.99 is the amount below which a business does not need to issue a 1099 to a contractor who provides business services. The contractor still needs to report the income on their taxes.

The correct number for the IRS rule for money that is gifted rather than received in a business transaction is $13999.99–more than that, and the recipient has to pay tax on the gift and report it to the IRS. Less than that, and there’s no taxation or reporting requirement.

If we’re choosing amounts on the basis of IRS limits, give these people $13,999.99. 

Go. Do it.

Reblog if it’s ok for people to give you $13,999.99

:v I need money for school supplies so :v

Out on an Expedition


Scrooge: *hands out unopened cans of cold beans*

Scrooge: This is breakfast!

Louie: Nooo…

Louie: Breakfast is CREPES. Croissants! Even Huey’s crappy burnt eggs!

Dewey: Beans, beans, are good for your heart! The more you eat, the more you-

Dewey: *is smacked in the head with a flying can of beans*




  • “please look at me.”
  • “is s/he really just a friend?”
  • “i’m just disappointed.”
  • “you know i’m not like that.”
  • “don’t give me space. that’s the last thing i want with you.”
  • “i know you still love me.”
  • “i can’t think straight with you.”
  • “why are you so stubborn?”
  • “don’t do this here.”
  • “trust me on this.”
  • “please don’t misunderstand me.”
  • “you… you never had a problem with it before.”
  • “i know i shouldn’t be here.”
  • “what do you mean by that?”
  • “you deserve more.”
  • “can you just kiss me? one last time? that’s all i ask.”
  • “i’m scared.”
  • “i swear i’ll do things different this time.”
  • “s/he’s beautiful. i hope s/he makes you happy.”
  • “i want to believe you, i do.”
  • “not everyone is going to hurt you.”
  • “i’m… i’m trying. i really am.”
  • “i can’t sleep.”
  • “how long will this go on for?”
  • “can i hug you?”
  • “do you ever mean the things you say?”
  • “you won’t understand.”
  • “you’re making me think that what they told me about you was right.”
  • “am i too late?”

koizumi-marichan: Them. T H E M ♥♥♥ Devianta…


Them. T H E M ♥♥♥


Have you listened to Icarus Dream Fanfare by Y…

Have you listened to Icarus Dream Fanfare by Yngwie Malmsteen?

I’m listening now.  Sounds nice.

You'll listen to any song about money? I …

You'll listen to any song about money? I bet you'll still hate Ain't That Funny by Sick YG

You’re right, I don’t like it.