Terrible First Meeting Starters


For breaking the ice in the worst possible way, featuring themes including: kidnapping, murder, stalking, injury, monsters, and just general meanness. [Brackets] indicate spaces to include your own words to personalize your ask!

Wh-who are you? Where are we? Why are we tied up together?!”
“You almost killed me, so no, it’s not nice to meet you.”
“Oh my god, are you okay? Should I call an ambulance?”
“I wondered when you were going to wake up. You almost didn’t survive.”
“Get out of my way before I move you myself.”
“Please, let me out of here!”
“You’re staring like you’ve never seen a [monster/vampire/demon/etc] before.”
“Hey. Pretend you were waiting for me. You’re being followed.”
“You don’t know me, but something terrible is going to happen.”
“You’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
“Please, someone help!”
“You shouldn’t be out here all by yourself this late at night.”
“Stop shining that flashlight on me! I’m not a damn ghost!”
“I’m sorry if I hurt you.”
“Shh, don’t scream! I’m not trying to attack you!”
“I’ve never seen anything like you before.”
“Stand right there and don’t get any closer!”
“Now that you’ve seen this, I can’t let you leave and just tell anyone.”
“Ugh, my head. What happened to us?”
“Is there a reason you’ve been following me for an hour?”
“If you come near me, I will scream at the top of my lungs.”
“Holy shit. What have you done?!”
“Is that blood? Is that YOUR blood?”
“Don’t panic, I can explain!”
“I promise you, this isn’t what it looks like.”
“I won’t hurt you if you just keep your mouth shut.”
“Who are you? Where are you taking me?!”
“This is for your own safety. I’ll explain later.”
“What the hell was that thing back there?!”
“There’s something wrong with me. I need your help!”
“Please, someone, there’s been an emergency!”
“You can’t leave. You’re a witness and now you’ve involved.”
“I’m being hunted, and now they’ve seen you too.”
“If you believe in any god, I suggest praying to them now.”
“Shh! Hide here, and don’t move a muscle.”
“Can I walk with you? I think I’m being followed.”
“I’m so sorry. I don’t like tricking people, but I had to lure you here.”
“Fuck off, this is private property!”
“I’ve seen some weird shit, but you’re something else.”
“Oh my god. Are you a [monster/demon/angel/etc]?”
“Don’t look at me like that, with those eyes.”
“That isn’t your blood. What did you do?”
“I promise not to tell anyone, just let me go!”
“Come with me. I want to show you something.”
“You’re not going to eat me, are you?”
“You should never have approached me. You don’t know who you’re dealing with.”
“Go away, I’m not looking for a conversation.”
“You don’t just follow people to their homes! I’m calling the police.”
“Please, I’ll do anything, just untie me!”
“I’m sorry if I scared you.”
“I had to tie you up. You didn’t leave me any other choice.”
“I don’t even know you. What do you mean, I ‘have’ to go with you?”
“We almost died back there. Maybe we should introduce ourselves.”
“Let go of me!”
“I’m hurt. Please, I need you to call an ambulance for me.”
“You have to come with me, something bad is about to happen!”
“I’m not leaving until you tell me why you’ve been following me!”
“Seeing as we may not survive, I should tell you my name. It’s [name].”