Present Time!!
















“ Now @unclescrooge, I know you don’t like your Birthday.. But–
Come with me. “

When she walked, she would lead him down into the basement room and hold the door closed.

“ You ready? 
Well of course you are. “

Correcting herself, the woman would dramatically open the door and present her gift to him..

                                                    The Fountain Of The Golden Goose…

“Bless me bagpipes!!!  Goldie it’s beautiful!!!  Where in the world did you find this?!”

“ The leader of the group that originally watched it agreed that it should be watched by a more stronger town. So they offered me to keep it but I told them that there was someone better to watch it.
                                 Someone like you and your family. 
Besides I figured I could ..
                                           Help you get more gold.~ 

She intended to lead something on by that.. Leading him to believe that the item was worth somethig even more than it seemed.

Scrooge excitedly picked up the golden object and inspected it.

“Hm, it certainly looks like real gold, except it’s surprisingly light.  I hate to say this, but I think this time you may have been taken for a sucker.” 

“ Oh this isn’t the treasure.. What it can do is the real value. “

“Oh?  What does this do?  Tell me!  Tell me!  TELL ME!!”  Scrooge said with childish excitement.

Grabbing her earing, she would reach for the goose and close her eyes.

“ Gold~. “

With a peck of the statue’s beak, the earing would flash and rest in her hand as pure gold. Goldie would happily look up to see his reaction.

Scrooge gasped in amazement at the sight of the earring turning to gold.

“Well ring my register!!!  That’s incredible!!!  Why we could create a whole golden paradise!!!  Yee hee!!!  Thank you Goldie!” he said and gave her multiple kisses on her beak.

When being blasted with kisses, Goldie lifts her eyelids widely. With the sight of his happiness, the woman would chuckle and hand the goose to him.

“ And remember Scroogie.. If there is ever a time you want the item turned back, just put it in this water and the gold will come right off. “

“Ha.  Now why would I go and do a daft thing like that?  I’m not exactly King Midas you know.  Poor loser.  It seems like I’m in full control of whatever I turn to gold!

“ Well, your not wrong. –

But, we shouldn’t over react with it just yet..
It’d probably be best to put it back on the fountain for a while.. It keep’s the goose from going out of control. “

But Scrooge had already run into the next room changing everything in his sight into gold.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

“Are you Scrooge McDuck?” asked the dog at the other end of the door.

“I am.  And just who are you interrupting my fun?”

“I’m with the Calisota State Department of Taxation and Finance.  I’m afraid you’ll have to come with us, Mr. McDuck.”

“Oh no I’m not!” Scrooge said angrily.  “You’re not getting your greedy hands on my gold!” he said touching the agent with the Golden Goose sculpture and turned him into gold.

After she would turn away, she would hear the door ring, walking upstairs she would experience the moment and gasp in horror. Almost to a point where she would rush to the golden statue standing at the front door.

Scrooge?!… What are you doing?!.. You just turned this guy into pure gold!.. “

“Oh what’s this?  Am I hearing a morality lecture from you, who tried to plot my murder as recently as just a few months ago.  Honey please, don’t act all innocent on me.  After all you’ve done you might as well be called Goldie O’Guilty.”

With a slight “ Tch?! ” inhaling in a gasp, Goldie would close her eyes for a short moment and started glaring at Scrooge. Goldie wasn’t a easy woman to get close to.. But she most definitely was a woman that knew what she was doing.

“ Pretty shameful that a man has to use the past to make himself look good.. “

Her arms crossed and the glare went cold.

“ Seems like someones not greatful for all my efforts I’ve made.. “

Now she would turn around, her tail now sticked out with a force or regret pushing towards Scrooge.

“Just tell me you wouldn’t have done the same!”

As Scrooge and Goldie were arguing Duckworth soon entered the room.  “Excuse me sir I–oh dear!” he said noticing the golden statue in the room.  “Did you–”  Scrooge looked down and sighed.  “I’m sorry Duckworth.  I really don’t want to do this to you but–gold!” he said and touched Duckworth’s ghost with The Golden Goose sculpture.  It didn’t work though since he wasn’t in solid form.  “Oh $#%^!  Eh Goldie, we should probably get out of town for a while.”