This is why a cartoon about anthro ducks is so popular

DuckTales, both past and present, has such a large and varied cast, I think most people can find at least one character to relate to.

I was not emotionally invested in any of the kids at the beginning of the series. Now almost a year later after we were introduced to this version of them, my heart is racing and my mind is spinning with empathy for every single character that was in “The Last Crash of the Sun Chaser.” I’ve been in Launchpad’s shoes, emotionally. I’ve been in Mrs. Beakley’s shoes, emotionally (even though I do not have a kid). I’ve empathized with each one of the kids at least once during the series and I felt how each one of them was impacted by this story. My empathy for Donald and Scrooge was already strong before the series started because their stories are ingrained in my head from comics and various cartoons. This series is a new take on their stories and very different from previous incarnations but the emotional journey is still very similar, and it still resonates with me.


Building up to an emotional crisis for most of the protagonists in one very DuckTales scenario that also is visually and emotionally symbolic and cutting them off from outside interference to make them focus on that undercurrent, was genius.


Hats off to the DuckTales story department and animation team and editors and score writers and everyone else! Well done, everyone!

This is why I love Disney ducks. They break and rebuild my heart every time I let myself take an emotional journey with them. I’m amazed at how, even though everything was changed to become more “modern” (and weird to me), there is enough that is the same that it managed to fill the webbed footprints Donald, Scrooge, and Darkwing left in my childhood. I can hardly wait to see what Season 2 brings!