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{ ☆ } Being met with silence, Phooey retracts his hand… Uneasily averting his gaze as he awkwardly rubs his right arm. His Uncle Scrooge is obviously distraught… and Phooey can’t help but blame himself. Maybe if he had ran a bit faster. Or maybe if he hadn’t nearly got caught by so many traps. Or perhaps if he had grabbed the sculpture after Scrooge dropped it. Or even just attempted to… Maybe the explorer wouldn’t be so upset. The injury he had sustained might be viewed as worth it, rather than an embarrassing (and painful) reminder of failure. But the moment the traps had been activated, Phooey hadn’t been thinking about the treasure. All he had cared about was him and Scrooge getting out alive… 

Which hadn’t exactly been easy for the uncoordinated duckling… With the numerous stumbles and near-death experiences he had endured during those hectic moments in the temple, Phooey is pretty sure that he made the already difficult task much harder than it had to be. If Huey, Dewey, or Louie had come along instead of him, he’s certain that things would be going differently. With a priceless sculpture and an unharmed Scrooge… But they didn’t. For some reason, the experienced adventurer had made the mistake of asking him.


“I’m… I’m sorry.” Phooey mutters, grip on his arm tightening as he looks down. “You’d have the Golden Star Sculpture right now if I’d hadn’t made such a mess of the getaway. You were so incredible in the temple! Which is to be expected because you’re you…” Wincing with embarrassment, he weakly motions with his hands as he reluctantly meets Scrooge’s gaze, “But I’m not like you! Or my brothers! Or Uncle Donald! I’m just… Just…” Several unflattering words race through Phooey’s mind, but he decides to settle for, “A liability.

Sighing, he leans against the cliffside… Slowly sliding to the ground so that he is sitting next to Scrooge, back resting against the rocks as well. “The adventure’s chances of success plummeted the moment you invited me on it…” Hugging his knees to his chest and resting his chin on them, Phooey apologetically looks over at Scrooge and adds, “Sorry, Uncle Scrooge… For losing the sculpture and getting you shot by an arrow.” Obviously, he needs to take full responsibility for both… { ☆ }

“No, no, Phooey, it wasn’t your fault.  You shouldn’t blame yourself.  It’s all on me.  I’m just a pale reflection of the great adventurer I used to be.  Decades ago I could’ve gotten out of that temple without a scratch.  I guess I just have to accept that my old age is catching up with me.”  He sighed and pet his grandnephew’s head.  “Don’t sell yourself short.  I don’t expect you to be like, or Donald, or your brothers, or anyone.  Just be the best you can be, lad  That’s always good enough for me.”