I was thinking about the stories where the Number One Dime is a magical object that gave Scrooge the luck to become the richest duck and once he loses it he starts losing his fortune and I don’t remember those stories ever doing anything particularly interesting with that idea character-wise.

How you feel about the whole ‘tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties‘ bit and how true that is and what role luck did play depends but generally speaking, Scrooge being the richest duck in the world is very tied to his identity and personality.

If you just then go ‘eh it was all a magic coin with no input from him’ then anyone could have achieved what he did and you’re just sort of left with a very unsatisfying characterization, I feel like?

You could do this plot in a way that focuses on characterization but I don’t ever remember a story doing that… For example have Scrooge confront the fact he could have achieved the status of the richest no matter what he did, and all the things he had sacrificed had been for nothing.

Instead it generally is just used as a ‘oh you see now that he lost it he’s losing his fortune’ as an attempt to up the stakes which just feels unnecessary. The only reason you’d care about Scrooge losing his fortune is because you symphatise with him so might just as well write him being upset at losing just the Nr 1 dime?

My theory is that this problem is part of the reason Barks himself stopped doing Magica/dime stories after only a little while.

((Yeah I definitely don’t like those stories when his success is based on the luck of The Dime.  Of course it should hold a sentimental value to it above all the other coins in his Bin and should serve as inspiration for him to earn the rest of fortune but that should be it.  Of course I think Magica attributes his success exclusively to The Dime.  

I would actually love to see sort of a “What If” story if the first coin he earned was actually a Scottish coin.  He certainly could’ve easily spent it and might not even have it to this day.  It could’ve changed his whole personality.))