Insomnia starters

“It’s nearly two in the morning, what are you doing up?”
“I’m pulling an all-nighter.”
“I can’t sleep.”
“I’m having nightmares.”
“Will you stay awake with me?”
“Why am I still awake?”
“I should’ve gone to bed by now, but…”
“I don’t think I can sleep after that.”
“It’s past midnight, why are we still up?”
“Do you normally go this long without sleep?”
“God, I wish I could just pass out right about now.”
“I’m an insomniac, this is just normal.”
“I work best at night.”
“It’s that late already! But it feels so early…”
“Can we stay awake together?”
“Everything is prettier when everyone else is asleep.”
“I like being the only person awake sometimes.”
“Is it too late to go to bed, or should we wait for the morning?”
“I can’t sleep – I’ve tried everything.”
“Let’s get you some sleeping pills.”
“You should really get some rest.”
“I don’t want to fall asleep without you.”
“I’ll stay with you while you’re up.”