In serious need of financial help


Hello, I’m the moderator of this blog. This isn’t like me to ask, but I am in serious need of financial help.

I’m struggling as an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome, and after trying for almost an entire year to secure a steady income, it hasn’t been very successful. (I’m still looking, but so far, no luck yet.) Thankfully, I’m living with my parents, but I still have to pay for food, bills and student loans, and my income is running low because of that. My health coverage is also expired, which means I’d have to pay for therapy out of pocket, and I’m unable to afford that. My initial goal is to raise up to $2,000 in order to keep me stable; if anybody could make a donation to my PayPal (even if its $1), that would mean a lot to me.

Thanks to everyone for spreading the word! Again, if you are unable to donate, please reblog…