Random starters: Fainting/unconscious edition

“Wake up… please wake up…”

“Hey, are you okay? You seem a bit faint…”

“N-no no! Stay with me now!”

“Keep breathing, you’ll be fine.”

“Oh! You’re awake! You’ve been out for so long-!”

“I found you unconscious back there. What happened?”

“Hey, are you alright over there?!”

“We found you in a horrid state.. but we patched you up as best we could!”

“Don’t try to move. Just get some rest, okay?”

“Oh, I guess you weren’t dead after all.”

“Hey! This one finally woke up! Get me a doctor!”

“Shh… take it easy, there’s no rush. You were passed out for a long time, you see.”

“Ow.. my aching-”

“Ugh… where…?”

“Help me.. someone…”

“I can’t hold on… fading away..”

“What happened? Where is this-!”

“Gah! S-stay away from m-me! I don’t know who you are!”

“Did.. did you save me back there? Thanks.. I guess.”

“I was passed out for that long?!”

“Help me up.. please help me up…”

“What happened to me anyways? I feel so lightheaded…”

“Am I in a hospital? I wasn’t here before..”

“Where is everyone? How long was I gone?!”