sarroora: I remembered a couple comics and decided to share a few things about Scrooge’s…


I remembered a couple comics and decided to share a few things about Scrooge’s character.

You know how Scrooge’s tolerance levels and durability are – by everyone’s standards in the DuckVerse – unique. The thing is, he genuinely thinks everyone is like him.

He thinks that the reason people are not as successful as he is and don’t live as long as he did is because they were lazy, or sloppy, or lacked ‘the will’. He thinks to himself, if he was nothing but a shoeshiner with barely any education and just one step above being homeless (scratch that, he became homeless soon enough) and could become the richest duck in the world, then surely others could as well if their situations were so much better than his. I really like that faulty view of others.

I also. Love. That it is acknowledged and canon that Scrooge IS a difficult person to get along with. He’s that ‘difficult relative’. A part of it is how hard he pushes people, because he pushes himself all the time. This is played for laughs a lot and leads to many heartwarming moments, but the looks of sympathy Donald gets from people when trying to work with Scrooge? Classic.

Then there was this one situation in a story where Scrooge, when faced with his relatives’ exhausted complaints one day about just how much he asks of them to the point that they can’t do the things they want to do in their lives (including Grandma. Even she was exhausted) has a moment of epiphany. But not in the good way.

In his own mind, he thinks he’s stopping his family from being successful in their own lives because they’re too busy making HIS better – so he stopped asking them for help. And for a whole week, he worked alone in the Bin. He’s very used to working alone, and that was both funny yet very sad because he wasn’t even AWARE his family were ‘giving him the silent treatment’ and that they were punishing him for being too hard with them by not being around.

He didn’t even make the connection, or realize that. He thought they were out doing their own things to be successful like he himself did for decades.

Donald and Grandma, being the mother hens that they are of course, got worried sick and went up there to him and practically begged him to do something for him and not cut himself off so completely from everyone.