Roman Coin Hoard Found by Chance under Tree ‘Confirms’ Existence of Roman Town


A coin hoard of Ancient Roman silver coins, which has been discovered by accident in the roots of a large tree in the town of Mezdra in Northwest Bulgaria, according to archaeologists, confirms the previously hypothesized existence of a Roman settlement – outside the already well known fortress “Kaleto" which was also used by the Romans.

The treasure of Roman silver coins from the 1st-3rd century AD was discovered by accident during the uprooting of a 70-year-old wild plum tree in an abandoned yard in the town of Mezdra, Mezdra Municipality has announced.

The coin treasure was found in a ceramic jar underneath the roots of the tree which was compromised as the locals were using a pickax to extract them. It broke to pieces when one of them tried to remove it from beneath the roots. Read more.