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Munday Meme Extraordinaire
Send me a symbol and I’ll answer ooc 

☕  – Do you prefer coffee or tea? Perhaps neither, or both? 

☠ – Do you think you’d survive a zombie apocalypse? 

☺ – Post a picture of yourself or describe what you look like! 

⚽ – Are you active? 

⛄ – Do you have a favourite holiday? 

♫ – Do you listen to music when you write? If yes, what kind of music, if no, why not? 

☤ – Have you ever had to go to the emergency room? Why? 

♪ – Do you play any instruments? 

⚖ – Opinions on the fandom your muse blong to? 

♿ – Is there anything about your body you’d like to change if given the chance? 

✂ – Do you hate people easily? 

✼ – Do you think the character/characters you role play as reflect who you are? 

⚄ – Do you play videogames? Have a favourite? 

✵ – Are there any other fandoms you’d like to approach? 

⚜ – If you role play more then one muse, do you have a favourite? 

⛔ – In real life, are you friendly? 

⨁ – Do you hold grudges, or easily let things go? 

♥ – Besides fictional characters, is there someone you love? 

♾ – Which timezone are you in? 

W – What do you do for a living?

♡ – OTP for your muse? 

⚔ – NOTP with your muse? 

☰ – Fun random fact about the mun! 

☘ – Wildcard! Ask the mun anything you’re interested in finding out.