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Jim Cummings Love Alert

I love that the man who could sing the most bombastic part of Be Prepared in the Lion King also has the range to sound so kind and meek in the lullaby he sang Gosalyn in the Pilot for Darkwing Duck. One of the few musical moments within the show, but is one that’s always stuck with me. Even in the big sweeping numbers Disney shows and movies give, this is always one of my favorite songs because of how honest, sweet, and caring it is, especially in the context of giving them a moment of peace while running from the main villain of the episode, Taurus Bulba.

Darkwing Duck was sarcastic, bombastic, and had a bit of an ego, but he always had a lot of love and care the times it counted most, especially in being a good father to his adopted daughter Gosalyn. Best damn cartoon.

*omg thank you for uploading this* But also there is his villain song in Anastasia “In the Dark Of The Night” and it’s just soo good. This man is so talented~