“Bah, who needs family like that dolt?!” Scrooge murmured and returned to his desk.

He suddenly felt himself overwhelmed with flashbacks of his own sisters leaving him – twice.  The worst pain he’d ever felt in his life.  Angry and betrayed as he felt, he couldn’t let his nephew experience the same pain he’d been feeling for years.  He ran outside of his Bin to catch up with Gladstone.

“Gladstone!!  I’m sorry!!” he yelled

The pain of his uncle leaving him was already settling in. Gladstone lived his life doing whatever he wanted without consequence and only now was that catching up to him.
He was sitting on a park bench, lost in his own thoughts. How could anyone love a careless, selfish person like him? Maybe Scrooge was right- he is good-for-nothing.
Shuffling his feet through the dirt, Gladstone felt…lost. What was he supposed to do now? He wasn’t sure. All he knew was that he was hurt.

Scrooge was too late.  Gladstone had already left.  Scrooge just stood there and sighed with his head down.  He decided to take out his phone and send his nephew a text.

“I’m sorry.  It wasn’t your fault.”

Gladstone felt his phone buzz, taking it out reluctantly so he could see who had messaged him. It was his uncle. There was a pause as he read the words on the screen.

‘I’m sorry. It wasn’t your fault.’

Sitting there in silence, he didn’t know what to do. The words really had cut through him. It pains him to know that his uncle would have completely disowned him with no remorse.

A finger holds the lock button down and another one swipes to shut the phone off. Gladstone just needed a break.

After a moment of hesitation Scrooge decided to call, and got Gladstone’s voicemail.

“Look, Gladstone…I really am sorry…I know I’m not the best uncle in the world, but…I know you wouldn’t intentionally hurt me and I don’t want to hurt you, nor do I want to see you hurt, and I suppose that may have been a reason for my rage.  Deep down I…I just want what’s best for you, of course I should know by now that what’s best for you usually just falls right into your lap but anyway…we’re still family no matter what happens.”