Disney Conspiracy #4


Duckburg is on Duckworld

Welcome back to Disney Conspiracy, the blog that that used to be about Disney stuff before Dragon Maid took over our life and we (I, my partner less so) love DuckTales. Unlike some drama debbie 90’s kids I’m actually excited for the reboot. And this being a Disney blog first and foremost of course we’re going to do a DuckTales theory.

And no, we’re not doing the DuckTales/Darkwing Duck theory which has been proven to our satisfaction by other theorists. Rather we’re going to talk about the DuckTales universe being part of Duckworld, the home dimension of Howard the Duck a C-list Marvel character who bears a striking family resemblance. A theory that holds slightly more water now that Disney owns Marvel. 

Duckworld is a planet populated entirely by evolved ducks. However in Steve Gerber’s original idea Duckworld was populated by anthropomorphic animals in general, like the version seen in “Howard the Human.” Likewise Duckburg’s inhabitants are almost entire ducks. Almost. There are other anthropomorphic animals present however. Even more if Darkwing is canon. That’s not even going into whether Goof Troop or Tailspin are canon (That’s a theory for another day) 

“So?” I hear you say beloved readers. That’s disjointed conjecture. Where the hard evidence? Enter Scrounge McDrake

Now hold on a sec. Don’t go losing your pince-nez corrective eye wear just yet. We’re NOT saying these are the same characters. How does that prove the argument? Well, if you are familiar with comics or sci-fi in general you should know all about parallel realities. Duckworld is itself a parallel reality in the Marvel Universe. In fact Duckworld had its own multiverse as it apparently merged with a similar universe. 

Back to Ducktales, the comics are a different continuity from the TV series. And again the new series may not be canon with the old one. This isn’t even going into the “Christmas Carol” universe where first meet Scrooge McDuck. And even Might Ducks which could yet another parallel Duckworld. 

So fellow Disney theorists, is Duckburg on Duckworld, is it a parallel reality just next door to Duckworld, or is this just an overly thought Disney Conspiracy?