Cyborg v2 #6 – “Variant” (2017) pencil & i…

Cyborg v2 #6 - “Variant” (2017)
pencil & ink by Will Conrad
color by Ivan Nunes

The first appearance of Electro

The first appearance of Electro

Amazing Spider-Man #9 – “The Man Called Electro!” (1964)
written by Stan Lee
art by Steve Ditko

Back cover of ‘Heavy Metal’ magazine, Septembe…

Back cover of ‘Heavy Metal’ magazine, September 1977, by Moebius.

Tonto #6, August 1952,

Tonto #6, August 1952,

“I hope that wasn’t toxic.” …

“I hope that wasn’t toxic.” (adventuring-pilot)

“Della, please, I think I’ve been at this treasure hunting game long enough to know when I’ve been swimming in a toxic liquid.  Well then again this was a fairly easy treasure trap,” he said emerging from a well in the Temple of Carlokeno with the giant Diamond of Geppi, narrowly beating a closing door on top which could’ve sealed him in forever.

"It’s not dangerous. I’ll be…

"It’s not dangerous. I’ll be fine.”

(6 year old muse) “Are you sure, Uncle Scrooge? It doesn’t look safe…)

“ Thank you, but I could’ve done i…

“ Thank you, but I could’ve done it myself somehow. “

“But Mr. McDee, I’m here to help you! That’s why you hired me!”

Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1 (2015) …

Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1 (2015)
pencil & ink by Lee Ferguson
color by Jason Keith

Batman #117 (1958)

Batman #117 (1958)

written by Arnold Drake
art by Sheldon Moldoff & Charles Paris

Runaways v4 #4 – “Finale” (2015) pencil & …

Runaways v4 #4 - “Finale” (2015)
pencil & ink by Sanford Greene & Noelle Stevenson
color by John Rauch