Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan

X-23 v4 #8 – “X-Assassin II” (2019) pencil by …

X-23 v4 #8 - “X-Assassin II” (2019)
pencil by Diego Olortegui
ink by Walden Wong
color by Chris O’Halloran

All-New X-Men Special #1 – “Elegy in the…

All-New X-Men Special #1 – “Elegy in the Classroom” (2013)

written by Mike Costa
art by Kris Anka & Jordie Bellaire

"Are you okay?" (Fergus McDuck)

"Are you okay?" (Fergus McDuck)

“Of course I’m okay.  I’m Scrooge McDuck.  I could’ve taken that banshee all on my own.”

(threelxttledxcklngs: Dewey) "Are you oka…

(threelxttledxcklngs: Dewey) "Are you okay?!"

Scrooge looked at the booby trap his nephew pushed him out of the way from.  He could see that if he’d stepped on that stone he would’ve been roasted on a giant skewer coming out of the floor.  “Whew, thank you lad.  I guess even the greatest adventurers need a little saving sometimes.  Ahem, now then, off to the treasure.”

Wonder Woman v5 #58 – “The Just War” (2019) pe…

Wonder Woman v5 #58 - “The Just War” (2019)
pencil by Cary Nord
ink by Mick Gray
color by Romulo Fajardo, Jr.

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up Special #1 – &ldqu…

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up Special #1 – “With Mercy of the Greedy” (2013)

written by Mike Coasta
art by Michael Dialynas & Rachelle Rosenberg

tompalmerillustration: Moon Knight #14, page …


Moon Knight #14, page 10. Marvel Comics, 2014. Pencils by Ron Ackins. Inks by Tom Palmer.

johnbyrnedraws: Champions #14, page 14 by Joh…


Champions #14, page 14 by John Byrne & Mike Esposito & Glynis Wein. 1977.

browsethestacks: Vintage Comic – Spiderman El…


Vintage Comic – Spiderman El Hombre Araña #031 (Spanish)